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Ali S.r.l.
Via XXV luglio, 12
31020 Tezze di Vazzola (TV) - Italy
Tel. +39 0438 28058
Fax +39 0438 489587
E-mail: info@aliorganicwear.it
  "ALI" is a firm found with the purpose to make only clothes and furnishing products with organic and natural fibres and no chemical treatment at all. All that allows everybody improving its life quality.  
      Our clothes collection underwear- night and spare time, for man, woman, child and new-born baby, fits very pleasant and comfortable. It does not want to attract attention just as a temporary fashion but as a life style for all the people who have understood the deep changing in consciousness in this particular moment of the Human Evolution and who want to be in harmony with nature and themselves.
Clothing can be considered as a "second skin". For that reason it must protect from the external aggressions and let perspire like our "first skin". Unfortunately modern clothing is often made with synthetic fibres which do not let perspire. So that, wearing it can cause a suffocation feeling due to the reduction of the skin breathing and to the accumulated heat.
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