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Ali S.r.l.
Via XXV luglio, 12
31020 Tezze di Vazzola (TV) - Italy
Tel. +39 0438 28058
Fax +39 0438 489587
E-mail: info@aliorganicwear.it
  Ali is in Tezze, a little town near Treviso. It is an area rich of history and of vineyard near the bank of the Piave River and Conegliano Veneto, at 50 km from Venice.  
      The building where we are is an ancient farm-house in venetian style built in the second half of 1600. Elderly people who live in this town say that this house and the neighbouring area were built and named by Mr. Pini who was told to be an alchimist.

Many people ask us the reason why we have chosen our name. The word Ali (= Wings) and the symbol of it mean lightness and delicacy, but have also other meanings: the deepest desire of human beings, the conscious research of freedom, the flight towards the awareness, the courage to change and to follow the breeze of what we feel good and fly towards a better world for us and our children, we deserve it!
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