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Ali S.r.l.
Via XXV luglio, 12
31020 Tezze di Vazzola (TV) - Italy
Tel. +39 0438 28058
Fax +39 0438 489587
E-mail: info@aliorganicwear.it
  ALI was born in January 1997, after a few years of studying, researching and planning, from an idea of Claudia Sgarbi. She is an operator with a twenty-year experience in the fashion field in Italy.  
      Our firm is so different from the other clothing trades, that for the popularisation of our product we do not use common means of communication and distribution. We have chosen, in fact, an atypical clothes distribution which is resulted winning with the passing of time. We prefer not to participate in fashion fairs but to take part in organic and health fairs, and to sell our products in shops specialized in this field. Here the clients are aware and able to appreciate an innovative product as the ours, whose peculiarity has needed for its popularisation expositions in squares and to be explained to people with humbleness and sacrifice spirit.  
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